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Our Policy.

We are subject to rules of professional conduct protecting the confidentiality of communications between our clients and us and other information provided to us by clients in the course of providing legal services.  Communications and other information our clients provide to us after an attorney-client relationship is established will generally be held in confidence in accordance with these rules and applicable law and will not be disclosed to persons outside our firm, except as our clients authorize, as authorized by rules of professional conduct, or as authorized by applicable law.  Except as otherwise required by the rules of professional conduct, until an attorney-client relationship has been established,  communications with us and other information provided to us are not confidential.

We create and retain records about our clients in order to provide legal services to our clients, to communicate with our clients, and to bill our clients for legal services.  As permitted by rules of professional conduct, we also provide information about our clients or communications with them to third-party service providers we use for email communications with our clients and electronic billing.  In order to protect personal information of our clients, we have adopted physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that we believe conform to rules of professional conduct.

We use third-party Internet-based email and electronic billing services to communicate with and bill our clients.  Our email and billing services are not encrypted; however, access to our email and billing services is password protected, our emails contain warnings about privileged and confidential communications, our local area network is electronically firewalled, and our billing service provider has advised us that billing details we enter electronically are confidential and are accessible only by us.  Nevertheless, please understand that the security of Internet-based services, including email and electronic billing services, is not assured, and this security risk should be considered before engaging us to provide legal services.  When we are engaged to provide legal services, the client assumes this potential security risk and consents to our use of Internet-based technology and services.  The client or potential client also assumes this risk if the client or potential client communicates with us using unencrypted email communications.

This policy does not apply to any third party website accessed through this website and we disclaim responsibility for any such website or its contents.